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About Us

welcome to sinoamigo

More than a decade ago, a team of aspiring professionals with immense experience in electrical engineering began a journey leading them into building a company that would contribute to creating a sustainable world. Motivated by a desire to provide quality products using the industry’s latest technology, they established Sinoamigo Electrical in 2010. Since we stepped into this challenging industry, we have directed all our endeavors towards designing and manufacturing an extensive range of high-quality Floor Outlet Boxes, Desktop Sockets and Modular Wiring Accessories to meet the demanding requirements from clients across the globe. After years of commitment, quality workmanship, progressive ideas and hard work, Sinoamigo has become a marque for the future of modern electrical manufacturing companies in China.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in our industry by constantly striving to create future products that will stimulate the customer’s senses to bring about joy and excitement each time the product is used.


To create sustainable value for our clients and partners through our commitment, professionalism and innovative products. We believe the quality in our work will represent us for years to come.


                                                   Make a Difference

                         Reputation…through integrity and exceptional service.

Caring… about our clients, employees, their families, our society and the environment.

                            Enthusiasm… from teamwork and opportunity.

                         Safety, Quality, and Efficiency… without compromise.


Perfect manufacturing process, safety of workshop


Our high-performance products are designed to suit all kinds of residential and commercial application for an ultra-smooth operation, making your experience with technology better, easier, more delightful.

Quality Control

At the core of Sinoamigo's competitiveness is an all-encompassing commitment to ensured quality.

Our service

We leverage our expertise to deliver the highest quality products to clients from across the globe. In addition, we provide exceptional OEM & ODM services that covers a complete spectrum of the product lifecycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services.