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Floor Boxes

Sinoamigo Floor boxes offer great functionality for users requiring power, data & multimedia outlets in various floor applications. The modular design allows unique access to essential services while retaining a streamlined and professional aesthetic. It also reduces the need for extension cords, lessen the chance of tripping on a cord, and eliminates unsightly power cords laying across your floor.

Desk Sockets

Sinoamigo Desktop Sockets are a fantastic solution for providing integrated power and data communication services to modern working and living spaces. The stunning units not only eliminate clutter of excess cables, they also enhance the aesthetic design of your work surface.

Power Track System

An ultimate solution to all your power needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade your office or revamp your home, our innovative Power Track system will change the way you power up your devices.

Modular Sockets

Sinoamigo offers a wide range of modular sockets which are developed in compliance with international standards making it appropriate for use in different countries. Ideal for installation in floor boxes, desktop boxes and trunking system.

Network Accessories

Sinoamigo offers a unique range of network accessories which adds new connectivity and performance option to its extensive module portfolio bringing a new aspect to the increasing modern technology.

Smart Home

Sinoamigo Wi-Fi Smart Outlets & Switches are network-enabled home automation devices that allows you to control, monitor and schedule any of your home appliances with an APP from your smartphone or with your voice using a virtual assistant.

Waterproof Boxes

Sinoamigo offers a robust range of IP66 rated Waterproof Boxes, specifically designed to provide electrical services in outdoor environments heavily exposed to dust and powerful water jets.

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Quality Control

At the core of Sinoamigo's competitiveness is an all-encompassing commitment to ensured quality.

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We leverage our expertise to deliver the highest quality products to clients from across the globe. In addition, we provide exceptional OEM & ODM services that covers a complete spectrum of the product lifecycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services.


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