Award winning STP-2 surface mount pop-up outlet: A great addition to your kitchen!

Date: 2022-04-11        Clicks: 894

When designing a kitchen, it is common to spend most of our time focusing on countertops as they are a design feature that adds an air of elegance to your cooking space.

With our award winning STP-2 surface mount pop-up outlet, you can not only enhance the aesthetics, but also increase the functionality of your kitchen countertop, to help you get your work done easily.

STP-2 provides with a convenient and reliable source of power for your kitchen appliances. It is a great addition to your kitchen where a traditional wall plug socket may not be easily accessible. Furthermore, it eliminates the use extension strip with long cord, which may cause a potential hazard. Thus making this unit a space-saving and safer solution.

In keeping with contemporary design trends, the STP-2 has an ultra-slim profile combined with minimalist appearance, to maximize your space in a simple yet stunning way.

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