Building trust with ultimate frisbee fun

Date: 2022-09-27        Clicks: 551

We’ve all been so busy lately working on many exciting projects, so it was nice to take some time away to socialize as a team!

There was no better way to bring our colleagues from international sales department together than with ultimate frisbee fun. Each one of us had certainly seen a frisbee, and maybe someone had also thrown it, but surely very few knew that the plastic disc can be used to organize a game very similar to Rugby.

After a few sessions of practice and warmups, our team had figured it out on how to play this easy sport which was something different than the typical team building activity.

The consensus was clear, the game gave them an opportunity to learn how to use each other’s strengths to work toward a common goal. It was great way to get everyone moving and interacting in a fun way, while having some friendly competition!

What shall our next team social entail?