Finally, a powerful USB Type-A charging port you will always connect in right the first time, every time!

Date: 2020-11-20        Clicks: 198

USB-C charging port is fantastic and easier to use, unlike the traditional USB-A port that can be connected only one way. How many times have you gone to charge your device using USB-A port, only to find you’ve once again tried to plug it in the wrong way? Of course then, just as you quickly flip it around to find the right side, a thought comes to your mind: “Why hasn’t anyone come up with a way to make a user-friendly USB-A charging port?”.

Well here it is.

Our STC-1 series USB charging grommet featuring a powerful Type-A port, is actually with a reversible design. Meaning, you can plug Type-A (male) connector charging cable into the USB port in either direction. In addition, this charging grommet boasts a Type-C port with Power Delivery (PD) technology, which makes this unit even better.

So, no more fumbling around and getting frustrated with plugging the USB in the right way. A simple solution to a problem that nearly everyone has faced.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/D1X5OmQZfnk