SMT-4 Motorised Pop-up Desk Outlet: Functional and elegant solution to bring power where is needed

Date: 2022-10-31        Clicks: 590

Nowadays, commercial and residential interior designers are always looking for ways to incorporate power into places that are easy to reach, giving user the convenience they need to connect their devices and other electronics, without compromising on the aesthetics.

If you love the idea of your outlets being out-of-sight when you don't need them, and readily available when you do, our new SMT-4 series motorised pop-up desk outlet is a great option for you. It will not only solve the power access problem but also makes your worktop look trendy, attractive, and elegant. 

Our SMT-4 series is available in two stylish cover top variants: IP54 waterproof profile and ultra-slim profile, to add that luxury flair to your kitchen or to any modern executive office setting.

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