Why you need a high IP-rated Power Outlet on your Kitchen Countertop👨‍🍳🔌

Date: 2023-08-30        Clicks: 417

In the heart of your home, the kitchen, functionality, and safety should always be top priorities. One aspect often overlooked is the humble power outlet. But did you know that a power outlet with a good IP rating can significantly enhance your kitchen's functionality and safety? 
Kitchens are bustling spaces where water, steam, and food particles are often flying around. A power outlet with a high IP rating can withstand these elements, ensuring your appliances stay powered and your kitchen remains safe.

Our SMT-4 series Motorised Pop-up Outlet (WP version) is the perfect solution for your kitchen countertop. With an IP54 rating when in closed position, it offers complete peace of mind. This means it's protected against dust that could harm equipment and splashing water from any direction. 

The pop-up design also adds to the functionality of your kitchen. When not in use, it can be hidden away, providing a sleek and clutter-free countertop. 

So, why compromise on safety and functionality? Upgrade your kitchen with our SMT-4 series Motorised Pop-up Outlet (WP version) and experience the difference!

Remember, a safe kitchen is a happy kitchen! 🏡💕

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